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SugarCUBE Brochure

SugarCUBE User manual

SugarCUBE LED Fiberoptic Illuminator Operating and Owner’s Manual

Hyperion Brochure

Hyperion 100L datasheet

The Hyperion 100L is a patent pending high intensity fiber optic illuminator designed for medical and industrial applications. The Hyperion is designed to work with an ultra‐miniature camera. The light source is especially suited to illuminating submillimeter fiber optics. Hyperion 100 is ready for OEM integration into a variety of applications.
**NOTE: This product is in the prototype phase and not production ready.

Hyperion 200L/200LV Laser Illuminator User Manual

Hyperion 200L/200LV German User Manual

USHIO ISO 13485:2003 Certificate

USHIO ISO 9001:2008 Certificate